Welcome to our official website. We want this website to serve as your all-encompassing/one-stop-shop relating to Bowie High. We are a non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1937. The purpose of the association has been to render scholarships and financial aid to students and, whenever necessary, assist in the educational program of Bowie High School. The Bowie Alumni Association Inc. is looked-upon as a leader in the Bowie High School Community and in the historic Segundo Barrio. Situations have risen in the past relating to proposed changes or projects in the community and in our Alma Mater in which the Bowie Alumni has been relied-upon for advice, direction and approval. The Bowie Alumni Association Inc. takes an active role in celebrating the rich history of Bowie High School and its many outstanding exes. These celebration activities are usually held during the month of October every year - during Homecoming week.

We seek to strengthen our numbers for the benefit of the students and graduates who will pursue a higher education to include those who will venture into leaving the El Paso area to attend a college or university. By expanding our numbers and establishing a network of Bowie Alumni throughout the country, students can benefit from tutoring and mentoring while graduates can benefit from support and guidance which will enhance their chances for success. The proud members of the Bowie Alumni Association are committed to assist Bowie High School students and to promote the achievement of goals through education. Join us and help us demonstrate to our nation how the Bowie High School Community has strength in numbers!

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